How Do I Choose The Right Fence Company?

I bet you are wondering how you can choose the right fence company for you.  There are many choices out there, but where do you start?  All American Fence out of Delaware complied a great checklist, and we want to tell you the same things….

Ask for References

Do you have family members or friends who have recently had fences installed? Did a neighbor up the street just have some work done? Don’t be afraid to talk to those you know about their experiences. You’ll learn not only about the good contractors, but about those you should avoid as well.

Ask About Insurance

The first thing you should ask when calling fence companies is whether they are properly licensed and whether they have proper insurance. You’ll want to make sure the fencing company has general liability coverage to protect you against damages they may cause (or mistakes) and worker’s compensation to pay for damages if one of their workers gets hurt during the installation. If they don’t have these coverages, you could be held financially responsible if there is an accident.

Can You Get a Written Estimate?

Is the fence installer you are considering refusing to give you an estimate in writing? If so, look for someone else to work with. A legitimate fence installer will gladly visit your home, take exact measurements, and give you a quote detailing the costs of both materials and labor. Refusing a written estimate may mean he has something up his sleeve – like running with your money or charging you for extra materials that never make it to your property.

Talk about Payment Plans

What are the payment plans offered by the fence companies you are considering? No legitimate company will make you pay for a full fence 100% upfront. Most will ask you to make a deposit and will then ask for installments as certain parts of the job are complete. This is to ensure you have control over your cash if the contractor isn’t working as planned while ensuring legitimate contractors have enough money upfront to purchase needed supplies……(to read more, click here)

These are fantastic places to start.  And here at Right Fence Company,  we can provide all of these things to you.

1) We can give you a list of references, and even addresses to swing by and look at our quality work. If you would like a list of commercial clients, go to our fence Testimonials page.

2) We are licensed, bonded and insured in the State of Texas.  We even go as far, to give our crews Safety Training, to head off potential mistakes.  We are 3 years and 3 months with no accidents reported (as of July 2011).

3) Yes, we will give you a written estimate.  On top of that, we will revise your estimate as many times as need to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

4) Pertaining to payment plans, we work with each clients specific needs.  Call or email, and we will be happy to send you a copy of our contract.

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