No Pool Fence? Are You Liable?

Do you have a pool or spa?  Is it fenced in?  The facts are: if you don’t have a fence around your water recreation areas, and someone is hurt, it could be your fault.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Let Right Fence Company install a fence around your pool or spa today.  Safety is the key, protecting people is the answer.  Here’s even more information for you to read on this important subject….

There is a high likelihood that the pool owner will be held liable for any swimming accidents. Water and people—including children, trespassers, and animals—are a magnet, and add booze, a recipe for disaster. Whatever the injury or its magnitude, a reasonably prudent pool owner—private and public—would take special precautions in controlling the access to the pool. Without safeguards, the pool owner could be held negligent and liable for damages that could run into six and seven figures, more for death. In addition, some areas have passed ordinances making it easier for landowners to be held liable for a child’s swimming pool injury or death when they have failed to erect a fence around a pool.  (Continue reading here)

With Right Fence Company, we always check the standards that your Homeowners Association sets forth.  We understand The Woodlands Community Association guidelines, as well as others, and construct every fence to those specifics.  You can completely trust Right Fence Company to give you the fence that will enhance the safety of your treasured belongings.

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