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DIY – How To Pressure Wash Your Fence

New Cedar Pine Wood Fence

It’s a great time of year to weather seal your existing wood or vinyl fence.  The first step to perfectly treating your fence for longevity is to pressure wash it (also called power wash).  It’s a simple process that will take the old layers of graying fence off, exposing fresh wood underneath.  When you are finished, your fence will almost look new.

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Once your pressure washing is complete, it’s time to paint, stain or seal your fence. Thompson’s® WaterSeal® Waterproofer Plus Clear Wood Protector is a superb product to now only waterproof your fence but to protect it for the hard Summer and Winter months.  Plus, it will keep your fence looking relatively new year after year.

DIY: UV Protection For Your Wood Fence

Fence Sun UV Protection

DIY – UV Protection – Right Fence Company – Greater Houston Area


The Texas sun has been exceedingly harsh this summer.  Right Fence Company wants to ensure our wood fence customers have adequate UV protection for their fences.  We suggest Weatherall 1045 UV GUARD® for maximum UV protection.  Here are some reasons why Weatherall is the right choice.

  • Penetrates and seals the wood surface enriching the appearance of the natural wood and at the same time shielding and protecting the wood with a superior, longer lasting, weather-resistant finish.
  • Odorless when dry.
  • Nonflammable when wet and increases kindling temperature/time of wood when dry.
  • Easily applied by brush or airless sprayer.
  • Repels moisture while allowing the wood to breathe naturally.
  • Provides excellent adhesive surface for chinking and virtually eliminates all debonding problems that are likely to occur by using other popular finishes.
  • Manufactured in non-yellowing clear and beautifully natural semi-transparent colors. (Continue reading more about the product here.)

As always Right Fence Company wants you to receive the best product and quality available.  We pride ourselves on impeccable customer service and unparalleled craftsmanship.  We would love to give you an estimate today.  It’s easy.

Winterizing Your Fence

fence winterizing snow ice

Fence Winterizing – Right Fence Company – A Houston Fence Company


Winter is quickly approaching us here in Houston.  Cold rain, ice and winter storms will have a harsh effect on your fence and fence hardwareRight Fence Company advises the following items to protect your fence during the coming winter months. Remember, a well maintained fence will protect your home and possessions. Right Fence Company will come to your home for a free estimate to ensure your fence is properly winterized.  Call us today to schedule your free estimate…or request one here.

A fence that has been allowed to deteriorate, particularly if the gate no longer closes and latches securely, is a liability. It won’t provide constant reminders that repairs are needed, like a leaking roof, but it still needs to be fixed. You could be subjected to a lawsuit if someone enters your property, even without your permission, and is injured. A well-maintained fence surrounding your property can reduce that liability.

Professional fencing contractors can be consulted for minor repairs, as well as new or replacement fencing, but there are many “do-it-yourself” steps homeowners can take to preserve the appearance as well as extend the useful life of their fences.

For winterizing wood fencing:
* Protect against dry rot. If it’s already invaded the wood, pry or cut the damaged section out, scrub the remaining fence with mild detergent or diluted bleach and replace the section you removed with the same type of wood that was used in the original fence. Then, prime and paint or stain the entire fence.

For winterizing metal fencing:
* Powder-coated aluminum needs little maintenance, but if the coating has worn off in areas, it will need to be sealed and repainted before winter weather causes the metal to rust.

* Steel or wrought iron fencing needs to be repainted when it rusts. Use a stiff metal brush to remove rust, wash thoroughly, then prime and paint with a rust-proof paint.

Gates and gate hardware are the only moveable parts on a fence system, so they’re subject to the most wear and tear. Rust and gate misalignment are the most common problems that prevent latches from engaging properly. If the gate does not latch each time it’s closed, the entire fence is ineffective….  (continued here)