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Homeland Security Recommends Taller Fence at White House!

Homeland Security Recommends Taller Fence at White House – Right Fence Company – Greater Houston Area


According to UPI U.S. News, Homeland Security is recommending that the White House install a taller fence to avoid future jumpers and to ramp up protection. They are putting together a panel to design a unclimbable fence for the White House lawn. If you are also needing security from climbers and jumpers, Right Fence Company has the solution.  We install chain link fences with razor wire, and also have decorative ornamental iron that cannot be crossed.  Right Fence Company will always bring you the latest, best, and most affordable products on the market.  Our craftsmanship and customer service are bar none, and keep us at the top of the list of fence installers in the Houston area. So, if keeping crime out of your property is something you need, then click here for a free estimate.

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Why You Should Choose Right Fence Company


Right Fence Company – Greater Houston Area


Why should you choose Right Fence Company?  That answer is easy….

We offer something that our competition doesn’t – REPAIRS!  Most area fence companies only do jobs that are over 100 feet.  Here at Right Fence Company, we specialize in ALL fencing, no matter how large or small.  We can repair your gate, or do complete package security fencing around your refinery, chemical plant or school.  Here’s what we say….

“At Right Fence Company, our focus is to provide the Greater Houston area with superior fencing. Using the highest quality materials, we specialize in an assortment of fencing, including: all styles of …

  • wood, cedar and pine
  • ornamental wrought iron
  • chain link, cyclone
  • field fence
  • ranch style
  • welded wire
  • electric
  • barbed wire
  • vinyl
  • welded steel
  • gates, all kinds, including drive gates
  • repairs

We offer excellence, not only to the homeowner, but to the commercial marketplace as well. We pride ourselves on bringing detailed craftsmanship and personal customer service to each fence, no matter how large or small. We welcome all jobs, including: removal, new installation or a simple repair. Right Fence Company guarantees your satisfaction, as each customer receives quality craftsmanship, a specifically custom-designed fence, competitive pricing and impeccable customer service. It is our great pleasure to do business with you.”

Now that you are certain that Right Fence Company is the fence company for you, fill out our quick and easy Get An Estimate page.  We know you will not find our level or craftsmanship, affordability or customer service anywhere.  Take it from our past clients, Right Fence Company can’t be beat.  Don’t go wrong, go RIGHT.