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Teaming Up For The Best!

Right Fence Company just completed a large custom project in Bender’s Landing Estates.  As always, our client was ecstatic with the finished product we delivered to them.

The fence/gate looks great! It really enhances our property. The crew was easy to work with, and did a wonderful job. The operator installer was very informative and great as well. I am also very happy with the work that the mason did with our columns. The service that you and Brandon provided was exceptional. I am really happy with the workmanship, professionalism and service that you, Brandon and your team provided for us.

Needless to say, Right Fence Company will work closely as a team with our custom gate fabricators, certified automated operator installer, mason, electrician, lighting professionals and more. We want to bring you the best products, the latest in technology and the overall polished and finished look you desire to beautify your home or business.  Click here to start your project today.


Home Security On The Rise

The last few months we’ve noticed an increase in home security awareness with our valued clients.  With many unknowns about our future, added protection for our homes is priceless.  We suggest an ornamental iron enclosure at your front door.  This enclosure adds so much to the home….

  • front entry protection against burglary and solicitors,
  • an added level of security when strangers come to your door,
  • a double lock box to secure your home,
  • curious pets and children won’t go far,
  • decorative and ornamental increasing your homes value

Below, you can view a sample of this product in action.  We just finished this project; and our client was ecstatic not only about the added security but the beauty of Ameristar fence products.  Run on over to our Get An Estimate page and have something like this installed in your home by Right Fence Company for under $1000. Now isn’t that affordable?

New Client? Read Our FAQ Sheet!

New Fence Client FAQ – Right Fence Company – Greater Houston Fence Company


We are answering some of your most frequently asked questions, to help you in your fence purchasing endeavor and give you clear information as to what to expect.

Q: How quickly can I get an estimate?

A: Quick!  Just go to our Get An Estimate Page and submit the form there.  We will have a custom estimate for you within 24 hours.  If you have a fence that needs a one on one estimate – we do those too, Monday – Thursday 12:00p – 5:00p.  Based on the form you submit, we will set you up with the fastest estimate. 

Q: What is the turn around time to getting my new fence installed?

A: As soon as possible!  Generally speaking, once you have signed your contract with us, we will install your fence within one week.  During peak season, March through August, there is a possibility of two weeks wait, but that rarely happens.

Q: Will my property stay clean during installation?

A: One of the many things Right Fence Company is known for is cleanliness.  Our supervisors will make hourly observations to ensure that your property is as clean as possible during installation.  Our crews pick up as they go.

Q: How long can I expect the installation to take?

A: Here’s a general rule of thumb: 100 feet or less = 1 day, 100 – 500 feet = 2 – 3 days, 500+ feet = based on materials selected.  When we set a start date for you, we always set a end date as well.  Besides inclement weather, your installation will be completed as timely as possible.

Q: What about my underground utilities, will you hit those?

A: Our goal is not to!  We utility locate EVERY job where we must dig, no matter how large or small.  We use Lonestar Locating Service as we find they locate quickly and consistently.  We send them to your property 48 hours before we begin work. 

Q: How about the materials?  How do those come?

A: Our materials are delivered by our select vendors the day before we begin installation.  Generally, they unload the materials on a palette in your driveway, closest to the gate to your yard.  Although, we can out them anywhere you want them in your front yard.  If you have a special delivery request, just let us know. 

We want to answer your questions!  If you have other questions, just post a comment below and ask away.  We love questions, as we want to give you an informed buying experience.  We are here FOR YOU.