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New Fence On A Dime

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Budget Fencing – Great Houston Area Fence Company – Right Fence Company


Over the past month, I’ve been asked repeatedly, “How can I save on my fence and get the most for my money?”  Right Fence Company is not unaware of the economic climate we are facing across the USA.  We want to give our loyal and valued customers the best benefit for your hard earned money.  Here are Right Fence Company‘s top three ways to save on fence work….

  • Go Simple!  Our standard, six foot, two rail, treated pine fence is the most economical privacy fencing that we offer.  At this time, we are offering this style of fence for the dramatically low price of $12.50 per foot (including tear out).  We have never seen prices on lumber fall this low, and we have subsequently lowered our prices to give our patrons a substantial discount.
  • Go For Longevity!  I like to save right up front AND over time.  With Right Fence Company‘s upgraded cedar fencing, you can do both.  We are offering our six foot, three rail, cedar privacy fence with rot board for only $16.50 per foot (including tear out). Now that’s a deal!  Cedar has the longevity to outlast pine by at least 5-10 years.  Plus, adding a rot board saves the bottom of your pickets from rot, insects and mildew.  Long before your fence needs to be replaced, your rot board can be replaced quickly and inexpensively.
  • Do A Little, Get A Lot! The tear-out and disposal of your existing fence can cost you at least $2.00 per foot.  If you have say an average residential fence of 300 feet; you could save at least $600 in added tear-out and disposal fees by doing that part yourself.  The best part is, Right Fence Company will actually guide you through this process.  It’s simpler than you think, and doesn’t require you digging up old posts laden with concrete.  Sweat a little, save a lot.

As always, Right Fence Company wants your business and guarantees our unbeatable prices and unparalleled customer service.  Why would you use anyone else?  Check out our September Sales Event (it’s almost over)!  You can save 5% right now!  We can’t wait to serve you.

Lumber Price News – Still Low!

New Cedar Pine Wood Fence

Lumber prices still remain significantly low in 2011.  Seems the recession is keeping them down, which means now is the perfect time to install your new fence.  Just last year a 6.5 foot cedar fence with rot board (baseboard) was on average $20 per foot.  It’s down to $16-17 a foot right now.  That’s a noteworthy savings – and could add up to hundreds of dollars for our valued customers.  Here’s the scoop:

…Lumber prices fell 1.6 per cent from April and are down seven per cent over the year. According to StatsCan’s Industrial Product Price Index, lumber prices in May were 13 per cent below their levels in 2002.  According to the Scotiabank Commodity Price Index, benchmark 2×4 lumber prices hovered around $237 US per thousand board feet in late June.

Total Canadian sawn lumber production has dropped over 50 per cent since the onset of the US recession, according to a commentary released Monday by ATB economist… (continue here)

Act now to get your free estimate scheduled.  It’s so easy to start the process, and you will be amazed at how affordable your fence really is.  Fill out our easy form right now.


DIY – Repair The Pickets On Your Wooden Fence

As you already know, Right Fence Company is the only fence company in the Houston area that will do a fence repair for 100 feet or less.  That’s right!  When it comes to small repairs, Right Fence Company is the only one.  We specialize in all jobs, no matter how large or small.  Our loyal customers have asked us how to do a small picket replacement themselves.  We are here today to show you how.  Save time and money by replacing a picket or two yourself.  The easy steps are laid out in this video.



As always Right Fence Company would be happy to come and make your fence repairs.  Our estimates are free, always.