DIY – How To Stain Your Fence

Home Improvement – Right Fence Company – Greater Houston Area After Right Fence Company installs your new cedar or pine fence, the next best step if to stain or weather seal it. Note that you should wait three to four weeks before this process to allow your new fence to become accustom to the weather. […]

Western Red Cedar vs Pressure Treated Pine

Cedar vs Pine – Right Fence Company – Greater Houston Area Here at Right Fence Company, we are frequently asked if Western Red Cedar or Pressure Treated Pine is best for fencing.  Hands down, we always recommend cedar.  It has benefits that far outweigh it’s pine competition.  Some of the benefits of cedar that we […]

DIY – How To Pressure Wash Your Fence

It’s a great time of year to weather seal your existing wood or vinyl fence. The first step to perfectly treating your fence for longevity is to pressure wash it (also called power wash). It’s a simple process that will take the old layers of graying fence off, exposing fresh wood underneath. When you are […]