Imported Ornamental Iron – Complete Junk!

Can anyone guess how old this ornamental iron is?  When I asked around I usually got 20 years as the answer. I bet this client wished they got that many years out of it.  Nope, this happened in just 5 years.  The reason?  This is imported junk – that’s right, JUNK!  We don’t install this…ever.  Not even when requested to.  At Right Fence Company, we only use Ameristar fence products for ornamental iron and aluminum installations.  They are backed with a 20 year warranty on iron and a lifetime warranty on aluminum.  I don’t know of any American made product that boasts such a great warranty and product.  We never get return clients when we use Ameristar, because they never have to replace their fence again.  Yet, every single day, I get a call to replace imported iron that didn’t even make it 2 years.  You get what you pay for when you choose Right Fence Company and Ameristar.  Don’t waste your money.  Don’t waste your time.  Choose RIGHT the first time.


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