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DIY – How To Pressure Wash Your Fence

New Cedar Pine Wood Fence

It’s a great time of year to weather seal your existing wood or vinyl fence.  The first step to perfectly treating your fence for longevity is to pressure wash it (also called power wash).  It’s a simple process that will take the old layers of graying fence off, exposing fresh wood underneath.  When you are finished, your fence will almost look new.

How to Pressure Wash a Fence —powered by eHow.com

Once your pressure washing is complete, it’s time to paint, stain or seal your fence. Thompson’s® WaterSeal® Waterproofer Plus Clear Wood Protector is a superb product to now only waterproof your fence but to protect it for the hard Summer and Winter months.  Plus, it will keep your fence looking relatively new year after year.

Why You Should Choose Right Fence Company


Right Fence Company – Greater Houston Area


Why should you choose Right Fence Company?  That answer is easy….

We offer something that our competition doesn’t – REPAIRS!  Most area fence companies only do jobs that are over 100 feet.  Here at Right Fence Company, we specialize in ALL fencing, no matter how large or small.  We can repair your gate, or do complete package security fencing around your refinery, chemical plant or school.  Here’s what we say….

“At Right Fence Company, our focus is to provide the Greater Houston area with superior fencing. Using the highest quality materials, we specialize in an assortment of fencing, including: all styles of …

  • wood, cedar and pine
  • ornamental wrought iron
  • chain link, cyclone
  • field fence
  • ranch style
  • welded wire
  • electric
  • barbed wire
  • vinyl
  • welded steel
  • gates, all kinds, including drive gates
  • repairs

We offer excellence, not only to the homeowner, but to the commercial marketplace as well. We pride ourselves on bringing detailed craftsmanship and personal customer service to each fence, no matter how large or small. We welcome all jobs, including: removal, new installation or a simple repair. Right Fence Company guarantees your satisfaction, as each customer receives quality craftsmanship, a specifically custom-designed fence, competitive pricing and impeccable customer service. It is our great pleasure to do business with you.”

Now that you are certain that Right Fence Company is the fence company for you, fill out our quick and easy Get An Estimate page.  We know you will not find our level or craftsmanship, affordability or customer service anywhere.  Take it from our past clients, Right Fence Company can’t be beat.  Don’t go wrong, go RIGHT.

Vinyl Fencing Saves Money – Stays New

Vinyl Fence Contractors – Greater Houston Area

I think it’s safe to say that you would be amazed at the look and longevity of a vinyl fence.  It out performs wood many times. Customers are switching out there old wood fence for the low maintenance, low cost option of vinyl.  Check out what these people thought about switching to vinyl….


“We’d never go back to wood!” says Irene Waldrip, property manager and past president of Twin Creeks South Poolside HOA. Her association was faced with replacing their wood fence after their painting contractor determined that repair and painting costs might not be justified because of the condition of the fence.

Vinyl Fencing Increased Unit Value

“After we finished painting the complex and installing a vinyl fence, a local realtor said he estimated that we had increased the value of each unit by $5,000. Our homeowners commented a lot more about the fence than they did the fresh paint. Everybody loves it.”

The problems with wood include termites, dry rot, fungus damage, splintering, cracking, peeling, fading, shrinking, warping, painting, sealing, replacing, repairing, rusting nails and on-going labor.

Eliminates Problems and Adds Beauty

As well as eliminating the problems associated with wood, vinyl continues to look attractive because the color is not just on the surface like paint. It goes all the way through so it can’t be scratched or worn off.

“We Love Our Fence…”

Mario Vargas from the Southwest YMCA in Saratoga, CA says, “We love our fence, it looks great! But what we like best is that it’s so strong and safe for the kids.”

Although there will always be a place for wood, vinyl simply out performs wood or iron which accounts for its rapid growth in the construction market. Within a few years it’s likely that many HOAs will be echoing the statement made by Irene Waldrip at the beginning of this article: “We’d never go back to wood.” (Continue reading here)

Switching to vinyl is as easy as Getting An Estimate. It’s affordable and it lasts so much longer than wood.  The fantastic news about vinyl is that it comes in any style or color that you can imagine.  Doesn’t the picture above look like wood?  It’s not!  It’s a vinyl fenceCall us and find out more today.

Here are some other styles of vinyl fencing that Right Fence Company can do for you….