Contractor Rip-Off? – Houston Chronicle – Right Fence Company

Contractor Rip-Off? – Houston Chronicle – Right Fence Company

Can contractor rip-off be that prevalent?  Apparently so!  In the Houston Chronicle yesterday, a really interesting article appeared to help you pick the best contractor and get the best results for your money.  Barbara Parrott McGinity from the Better Business Bureau writes…

Never take the word of someone selling something door to door. Always get everything in writing before letting someone start a job. Make sure you understand the price before the job starts that includes the total costs of labor and materials. Make sure all guarantees are spelled out in writing before the job starts and that includes any potential costs for future “repairs.” Anyone pressuring you into making a decision immediately is someone who does not have your best interest at heart. It’s suggested: Get three bids for a job. This helps get an idea of the real costs of the repair or product. Make sure the individual has a business card with the name and physical address of the company. Make sure they have an office phone, not just the salesperson’s cell phone. If a job requires a down payment, know what that money is for and have a contract that spells out a payment schedule in understandable terms. Do not pay people ahead of an agreed payment schedule for supplies. Can be a sure sign they do not have the money to finish the job and you could be out way more than the original, agreed upon price. Before entering into an agreement, check the company out with the Better Business Bureau, and feel free to call me at 713-341-6184.See safe, be smart. And please do not feel you have to make these decisions on your own. Get family or trusted friends involved. It is never a bad thing to ask for help.


Those are great tips, and will give you some things to think about.  Let me tell you what you can expect with Right Fence Company…Right Fence Company does have a business card, and even a physical address!  3510 Acorn Springs Lane, Spring, Texas. Right Fence Company has an office phone to accept your calls all week.  281.528.6448Right Fence Company gives you a contract with express payment details so that your mind is at ease….and so is ours. Don’t worry about Right Fence Company not being able to supply your materials…we are a debt free company with capital waiting for your use. Right Fence Company is always the best choice, and consistently offers customers the best.  Every time.  

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