Great Drought Tips Here – Protect Your Yard and Fence

Great Drought Tips Here – Protect Your Yard and Fence

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Right Fence Company is beginning to wonder if this drought will ever end, and I’m sure you are too. The Texas Forest Service has issued helpful tips to keep your yard, fence, house and property a little safer while we wait for rain.

While we’ve seen some rainfall over the last two weeks, the Texas Forest Service says don’t let it fool you. In Texas, 250 out of the 254 counties are still under a burn ban.TFS officials say nine-in-ten fires are caused by humans and with wildfire season soon approaching, officials say homeowners are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting their home from wildfires. This is the very reason officials are busies than ever trying to educate and remind people about the dangers of these dry conditions.Those causes could be anywhere from cigarettes thrown from the window, cars dragging chains, people driving with blown out tires all the way to kids playing with matches and other arson causes; people burning their trash or leaf piles,” said Texas Forest Service Public Information Officer Justin Musgrave. Helpful Tips include:

  • When doing yard work remove debris when cutting your grass, weeds and tree limbs.
  • Relocate woodpiles and yard debris at least 30″ from your home.
  • Prune dead limbs 6 to 8 feet from the ground around your home or business.
  • Store all gas, oil and chemicals away from home.
  • And have garden hoses connected to all sides of your home.
  • Keep the roof and gutters free from leaves and needles
  • Check your driveway for access for emergency vehicles.
  • Enclose spaces under porches, foundations and over-hangs and roof/attic vent openings with 1/8′ metal screening.

Musgrave said the “Winter Fire Season” typically begins mid-October to early November.”We haven’t even approached the wildfire season yet and Texas is seeing an extreme drought in more than 90 percent of the state,” said Musgrave. “The drought is going to continue through the winter with no relief in sight and once the winter winds pick back up these fires are going to grow more extreme and bigger than ever before. “Tips for Residents:

  • Obey outdoor burning bans. Don’t burn trash or debris when conditions are dry or windy. Unsafe burning of leaves, brush, household trash and other debris is the No. 1 cause of wildfires in Texas.
  • If camping or hunting, check local restrictions on campfires. Use an approved gas stove as an alternative for heating and cooking. If charcoal grills are permitted, use them only over fire proof surfaces such as asphalt or bare mineral soil.
  • Dispose of smoking materials properly. Extinguish them in an ashtray. Don’t throw them out your window.
  • Avoid parking and idling in dry grass. Catalytic converters can get hot enough to ignite the grass.
  • Keep water available when using welding equipment or cutting torches around grass and brush. A five-gallon bucket of water with a tote sack in it could prove valuable if sparks or hot pieces of metal catch nearby grass on fire.
  • Avoid setting hot chainsaws or other gas-powered equipment in dry grass, which could ignite after coming into contact with hot mufflers.  Continue here….

There you have it – great tips for helping to keep our state wild fire free. Don’t forget Right Fence Company can also show you how to protect your fence from damaging UV rays. And remember, free estimates, always.

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