Western Red Cedar vs Pressure Treated Pine

Western Red Cedar vs Pressure Treated Pine

Cedar vs Pine - Right Fence Company - Greater Houston Area

Here at Right Fence Company, we are frequently asked if Western Red Cedar or Pressure Treated Pine is best for fencing.  Hands down, we always recommend cedar.  It has benefits that far outweigh it’s pine competition.  Some of the benefits of cedar that we see here in Houston are….

  • Insect proof
  • Won’t shrink or warp
  • Better 10 year appearance
  • Can last up to 30 years
  • Almost the same price as pine in 2011!!
  • Pet’s don’t want to mess with it
  • Stains or seals better than pine

Western Red Cedar is an obvious choice.  Get An Estimate right now and see how affordable cedar fencing really is.  

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